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Archbishop calls for end to violence in South Sudan

Archbishop Justin visiting South Sudan, January 2014.

Monday 11th July 2016

The Archbishop of Canterbury today called for the leaders in South Sudan to cease hostilities immediately and accept mediation.

Archbishop Justin Welby also appealed to all those close to the leaders to seek to persuade them to accept such urgent mediation. Those who will suffer most are the poorest, especially women and children. Those who pursue violence will face the judgement of God in answer to the cries of the souls of those whose death they have caused. 

"They can still turn back: with our voices and our prayers to Jesus the Prince of Peace, let us call on them to do so," Archbishop Justin said.

The Archbishop has visited South Sudan over the past two and a half years and seen for himself areas where the war had struck and the heartbreaking suffering of the people. The failure of the leaders is clear.



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