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The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Anglican Communion Fund

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Anglican Communion Fund (ACF) was established over 20 years ago, with a vision to support and encourage the churches of the Anglican Communion worldwide, enabling them to live and share the Christian message of love, understanding and forgiveness. The ACF currently gives grants to strategic initiatives and for financial aid in times of crisis. It responds quickly and flexibly, ensuring that support goes directly to where it is needed.

The Archbishop's hope is that this work will play a key role in fostering our shared sense that as members of the wider Anglican communion we are all part of the one Body of Christ. He believes that the potential for the Anglican Communion is beyond anything we can imagine. The aim of the ACF is to mobilise and coordinate the provision of transformational levels of support for its work in the years leading up to the Lambeth Conference in 2020.  The availability of these increased funds will allow the Provinces of the Communion to plan significant investment in their churches, so as to ensure an even greater impact in the communities they serve.

In recent years, Archbishop Justin has travelled extensively to see for himself the remarkable work of Anglican churches.  In many places, the Anglican Church may be small numerically but has influence and respect out of all proportion to its size, because of the painstaking and sacrificial work it does in communities - often in the midst of war, social and political instability and heartrending poverty. In some areas, the church is the only functioning institution offering stability and hope in the community. The ACF is working to help fulfil that calling, both by raising much needed funding and by increasing awareness of the work of the Church throughout the world. 

The ACF has helped local churches throughout the Anglican Communion - from training priests and pastoral workers, to building community outreach centres; providing help with communications and transportation in some of the most hostile and remote terrain in the world and providing intensive support for churches in conflict areas. It also helps to fund certain initiatives of the Archbishop to ensure that the voice of the Anglican Church, with all its direct experience of people's needs, is heard in international fora and in dialogue with other religious communities.

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